5 Benefits Of Kalonji Oil For Hair: Treat Your Tresses With Black Seed Oil

5 Benefits Of Kalonji Oil For Hair: Treat Your Tresses With Black Seed Oil

         Kalonji or black seed oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients which strengthen hair, help treat hair loss, and may prevent premature graying. It also fights the Malassezia fungus that causes dandruff and works as a hair conditioner as well.

1. Stimulates Hair Growth And Fights Hair Loss

2. Controls Dandruff

 3. Helps Prevent Premature Graying Of Hair

 4. Strengthens Hair From The Inside

5. Conditions Hair Kalonji oil

1. Stimulates child development and fights with hair loss

 Kalonji oil has traditionally been used for the treatment of hair loss. And research now supports this. One study found that when people with telogen Illuminati (strain caused hair loss due to stress) were treated with colonized lotion for 3 months, their hair density and thickness had increased. In addition, the swelling associated with the condition decreased. Wash Kalonji oil l and hair loss in the skull and wash hair after half an hour to promote hair growth. Do 2-3 times a week. You can also add coconut or olive oil to it for additional effect. These benefits can be attributed to thymoquinone, a major component of the Kalonji oil, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Other research suggests that by imposing Kalonji oil, significant safety can be found against the hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

 2. Control Dandruff

Itchy scalp and flaking skin which brings dandruff can be directly upset. Dandruff is considered to be a mild form of a condition called sebrećic dermatitis, which causes skeletal patches and red skin on the scalp. While we do not know what really causes dandruff, it is associated with the development of fungus called Melissa. And here is the place where Kalonji oil can help. Studies have shown that anti-fungal activity occurs in the findings of Kalonji seed and work against malaria. So apply this fungus-cleansing oil on your fungus and say goodbye bye bye!

3. Help prevent greasing before hair time

As we grow up, our hair loses pigment due to melanin and become brown. And when it is a normal part of aging, many of us are brown before our time. Although it is important to check and detect the root cause (this can be stress or even reduction), Kalonji oil can also help. Traditionally, it is recommended to regularly massage your scalp and hair with this beneficial oil to prevent greasing. Research today says that linoleic acid in the seeds of Kalonji prevents brown color before time. Although there is no study to back it up yet, Kalonji oil can help in the treatment of vitiligo, another condition related to the loss of melanin. If you have Vitiligo, your skin loses pigmentation, instead of your hair, and develops white spots and patch. Occasionally, Vitiligo may be the reason behind greasing ahead of time.

4. Strengthen the hair from the inside

As we said earlier, Kalonji is a good source of 9 essential amino acids and important minerals such as vitamins and magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium. Thanks to its nutritious ingredients and antioxidant power, black oil(Kalonji oil) can help to strengthen your hair from the inside. As part of a balanced, nutritious diet, take a spoonful of oil in a day to strengthen your body and keep your hair healthy.

5. Conditions Hair Kalonji oil

as mentioned earlier, is rich in fatty acids such as linoleic acids and oleic acids. These fatty acids can lubricate and reduce the hair and fly washes of your hair. After washing, just massage some drops of black oil in your hair strands. While cleaning your hair you can also mix in some shampoo dolls